Middle School Math Games

Getting kids engaged in math just got lot easier with middle school math games!  Games to help kids learn and reinforce middle school math concepts they'll need to succeed - and they'll have some fun at the same time!

Triangular Numbers: Here's an activity that will engage students to think and learn about what a triangular number is. 

Magic Square Puzzle: So what's so magic about magic squares? Click on the link to see.  Great for helping middle school kids practice a variety of math skills. 

Decimal Darts: Here's a decimal activity where the player must type in a decimal with the range of decimals given If a correct decimal is typed a dart can be thrown. Try to pick just the right decimal to pop the balloons that are on the dart board!

Decimal Place Value Chart: For more practice with decimals, check out this place value chart to help reinforce the concept of decimals. You'll also find more decimal activities on that page.

Exponent Battle: Players will get familiar and practice using exponents in this game. All you need is a deck of playing cards and you're ready to play.

Alien Powers Exponents: Fun online math game to practice exponents. Try to recognize the answer to the exponent before the alien enemy lands in our territory. Three different levels. Level 1 - Squares. Level - 2 Squares and Cubes. Level 3 - Mixed.

FACE-OFF - Integer Card Game: Help your middle school students get better dealing with positive and negative integers with this fun activity. “Face-Off" is an activity that students can make in just with index cards. Get ready for some integer fun!

Mean Median Mode Card Game: Mean, Median, Mode Card Game: How about some mean, median and mode math fun? Grab a regular deck of playing cards and come on back. I'll wait for you (: This math card game will get them up to speed on mean, median, and mode.

Dice Probability: Most kids know if you toss a coin, there is a 50 / 50 chance of it landing on tails. But it doesn't stop there. This dice activity lets students see how increasing or decreasing the number of dice rolls affects the outcome. So give it a try, choose the number of rolls you would like to make...

Learning Decimal Pairing: This is a classroom decimal activity and is good for helping middle schoolers get used to doing mental math and working with decimals at the same time. Just print off he game cards and you're ready to go!

Decimal Squares: This is an activity where students can be artistic and creative while learning about decimals and percent equivalents.

Percent Math Games: How about having fun learning about percents. Click the link above and head over to the page with Mission Magnetite Percent game.

More Probability Games: Try these activities that will help students get an better understanding of how probability works.

Math Project Ideas: Got a math project coming up soon. You'll find some cool ideas for math projects at the link above.

And if you are looking for projects for middle school math, how about checking out the middle school math projects section.

7th Grade Math Word Problems: Word problems can be a nightmare for many students, not just 7th graders. So this page is the first in a series that will help middle schoolers with solving word problems.
If you like middle school math games with cards, you'll find a list at our math card games page.

Most middle school students seem to learn better through Hands-On-Math-Activities. These activities let students not only visualize the concepts, but see them in action.

If you're mainly interested in online games for middle schoolers, then you can head on over to the online math games page where you'll find middle school math games as well as the other grade levels, but they're all online games

What about those exponents? Things like 4 squared and x raised to the 5th power. Exponents are an important concept middle schoolers learn. Here are some math exponents games for you to check out.

If you want to look for middle school math games by grade, check out the links below.

If you would like to check out math games for younger students, try our elementary math games page.

Check out even more middle school math activities.

And if you have any suggestions for what types of middle school math games you would like to see more of on the site, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you. Just go to out contact page and let us know. Thanks a bunch.

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