Exponent Game

"Raising Math Fun to a Higher Power"

How about a fun exponent game that students will find themselves wanting to play again and again.  It's a simple game that kids can really have fun with. All you need is a deck of playing cards.

Exponent Battle

Players: 2

Materials: Deck of playing cards

Skill: Exponents, Multiplication

How to Play: Decide who the dealer will be rolling a die. The person with the higher number is the dealer.

  • All of the cards are dealt face down, one at a time to each player until there are no cards left. Each later should have an equal number of cards.
  • Each player will then their top face up at the same time. This card will represent the base for each player.
  • Each player then turns over their next card. This card represents the exponent for each player.
  • After each round of turning cards over, the player with the highest product, wins that round and collects each of the player’s cards that have been turned over that round.

So that means the winner of each round will get a total of two cards from each player, their base and exponent cards.

  • In case of a tie after a round, the players involved in the tie will need to do a face-off.  For the face-off, gather the all of the cards that were turned over for that round together in a pile and shuffle.

Turn the cards face down and spread out so that each player in the face-off can draw one card. This is to determine who will shuffle and deal the cards for the face-off.

The player that draws the highest card will be the dealer for the face-off.The face-off is done just like a normal round. The winner of this face-off round is then the wins the tie-breaker and collects all the cards that were turned over in that round.

  • Play continues until all the cards are turned over.
  • The winner of the game is the player that has collected the most cards!

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