Multiplication Facts Games

Got Multiplication Facts Games? We've got you covered. Check out the multiplication activity "Multiplication Madness" board game below, and the multiplication fact games are underneath it.

Multiplication Madness

multiplication facts games

SkillsMultiplication facts

Grades3rd - 5th

Number of Players: 2-4

Materials: Die, Game Board, colored markers

Preparation: Print off the game board

How To Play:

  • Decide who goes first. For the first round the first player rolls the die and moves that many spaces and the turn ends there.
  • The other players roll the die and move the number of spaces on the die and turn ends there.
  • Starting in the second round and from then on, players answer the multiplication problem on the space they are on. Also, the player whose color is landed on will answer the same problem. If they land on a number, they will give a correct multiplication statement for that number.

Both players write out the full multiplication sentence with answer on their paper without letting other player see it.

When both players are finished writing, both will turn their paper over to reveal the multiplication sentence.

If both players are correct, the players whose turn it is, moves his marker forward 2 spaces. And the other player moves his marker ahead one space.

If the player whose turn it is answers correct and the other player is incorrect, he moves his marker ahead 3 spaces.

  • If either player’s answer is incorrect, that player does not move his marker.
  • If a player lands on a Bonus square, they get to select any player, and have them go back 5 (?) spaces. They will then roll the die and proceed as in step 3.
  • The first player to make it to the finish line wins the game!

More Multiplication Facts Games...

If you enjoyed Multiplication Madness, you'll probably want to check out the multiplication facts games below...

Rolling With The Facts

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rolling with the facts multiplication gam

Egg Carton Multiplication Facts

This engaging multiplication fact activity gets the kids up and moving as they use their tossing skills while building their multiplication fact muscles!

egg carton multiplication fact game

Have Fun and come back to see us soon.

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