7th Grade Math Games

Enjoy the 7th grade math games throughout this site and never look at math the same way again! 7th grade math help can be fun using seventh grade math games and interactive math activities!

Exponent Card Game: Knowing how to use exponents is very important for 7th grade math and beyond. This is a fun exponent game using cards that helps students get comfortable working with exponents.

Integers: Integers require practice, practice, practice. You can get them with these on-line flashcards. Pick the operation (+, -, x, /) and decide if you want 1-digit or 2-digit numbers. You can also have the flashcards timed or untimed.

Translating Word Problems: How do you write 4 less than x as an algebraic expression? Or twice the sum of a number and 3.

7th Grade Math Word Problems: And of course those word problems. Get practice with these examples and videos.

Calculating Area Activity: Try this online activity to help learn to fin the area of plane figures like rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, etc. Choose level of easy or difficult.

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Whatever kind of 7th grade math your child or students are learning, seventh grade math games can help reinforce that particular concept. You can also click on the middle school math games link below to get to the main middle school games page.

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