Percent Math Games

Percent is an important part of math class and a useful math skill to learn. Percent math games will give students a chance to learn about percents while they are having fun. You might also like the decimal games page if you need decimal practice.

percent math games MISSION MAGNETITE: Crack the secret code! The code is made up of percentages you need to match up. Match up the percent three different ways: 1)percent, 2)fraction and 3)picture.

Learn how percents work below.
Do you know how to convert a percent to a fraction?

Percent means "out of 100."
percent math games 60% of the large square on the left is shaded.

The large square is made up of one hundred little squares.

60% means sixty out of one hundred.

So therefore, 60 out of the 100 squares have been shaded.

Anytime we have a percent, all you have to do to convert it into a fraction is take the number in front of the percent symbol and place it over 100 as a fraction. So 60% as a fraction becomes 60 / 100.

The only thing left to do from here is to simplify the fraction if possible. 60 / 100 reduces to 3 / 5.

Now you should be ready to play the percent game above...

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