Middle School Math Projects

middle school math projects

Ever heard your child or math student say where will I ever use this?

Middle school math projects are ideal for getting them to see math in real-life applications.

Math projects help in building problem solving and critical thinking skills. And they provide students with activities that help them solve real-life problems.

Why Math Projects

  • Projects in math build enthusiasm and desire for learning math.
  • Students get the experience of working in a group or team environment while instilling a sense of cooperation.
  • Helps answer the question: "When will I ever use this stuff?"
Students need a comfortable place where they can work on each project. The right tables are important so that students will have enough space to work and interpret data.

The Projects

NEW Parachute Math Project: Students get a chance to design and construct simple parachutes and using the distance formula and algebra they will determine the rate of descent and with this information look for similarities in design.

300 Parking Spaces Probability Math Project

There are 300 parking spaces in the parking lot of . On a normal day, 175 people drive and park in random parking spots in the lot.

Determine the number of different ways the cars can be parked in the lot. Determine the probability of two or more specific cars parking side by side on any day. For two consecutive days. For three consecutive days. For n consecutive days.

We'll be adding more math projects in the upcoming weeks and throughout the school year.

Do You Have A
Cool Math Project Idea?

Do you enjoy math and projects? How about sharing one of your math projects with our visitors. Or Get Math Project Ideas for your next math project by browsing the list of projects our visitors have submitted.

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Holiday Math Project Not rated yet
We had to create our own word problems related to holidays. After creating them, we had to solve them and then make an answer key. We could be creative …

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Middle School Math Projects Online

There are many ideas for math projects that you can find online. So if you are struggling for ideas, check out a few sites.

At ScienceBuddies.org, you can view math-oriented science fair projects. Although these projects are aimed at students making science fair projects, you could also assign them as homework or complete them in the class.

The Project Book, available from MathProjects.com is available for online purchase and has over 100 projects for upper middle school students. You can preview the book prior to purchasing it by viewing the sample pages.

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