Subtraction Games

How about using some of our exciting subtraction games to get your students engaged with learning math!  If we can help keep their minds focused by adding some fun into learning, kids will learn to enjoy math and do a whole lot better at it.

"New" Subtraction Triangles: Here's a subtraction puzzle / game we think your kids will get a fun mental work-out while building subtraction skills.

subtraction triangles pic 1

Subtraction Facts Checker Game: If your kids like the game of checkers then they will love learning subtraction facts with this printable subtraction checker game.

subtraction checkers game pic 1

Four-Dice Subtraction: Print off the dice game sheets and let the games begin. Kids will get a kick out as build subtraction skills up to 24 - 24.

subtraction games

50 Cents Subtraction Fact Game: Knowing math facts well is a major key for kids to be successful with math! And this include subtraction facts. Once they know their facts well, working with larger numbers and more complex math is easier.

subtraction games 50 cent subtraction

Domino Difference Subtraction Activity: Fun game that can be played with double six, double nine or double twelve dominoes. We've included everything you need to play any version. Practice Subtraction with differences of 0 to 6, 0 to 9, or 0 to 12. 2 - 4 Players.

subtraction games domino differences

3-Digit "Ground-Zero" subtraction card game": Grab a deck of cards and a pair of dice, and your students are ready to play. 

3-digit subtraction

Fun Subtraction Square Worksheets: Here's a fun subtraction square activity that the kids will really enjoy. Great for the classroom or at home.

"New"  Subtraction and Addition Dice Game: Kids will have fun practicing subtraction and addition with this one.  Grab your dice and print off the game cards and you're ready to roll!

Ready to move up to higher level subtraction! That's the next step. These nest few subtraction games will help build subtraction for two-digit and three-digit numbers.

Sunken Treasure Subtraction: This is a three-player game where players are on a quest for buried treasure. Practice subtraction or addition of two-digit numbers.

Adder-Ladders 2 and 3 digit subtraction / addition: Here's a fun game where players race to complete their ladders while subtracting and adding two and three-digit numbers.

1 and 2 Digit Subtraction Games: Kids will enjoy practicing subtraction facts with these online activities. Work on subtraction facts or you can choose from 3 different levels. Level 1 is subtraction of one-digit numbers; level 2 is subtracting one-digit from two-digit numbers and level 3 is subtracting two-digit from two-digit numbers.

3 Digit Subtraction: Now you're ready to take away a 3-digit number from another 3-digit number. Wow!! You're moving up in the world. Here's a few games to make it fun. Some are online and other are printable games.

Subtraction Flash Cards: Yes, flashcards can be another way to make learning subtraction fun. They can be used in fun ways to make subtraction more engaging.

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More Subtraction 

Subtraction Squares:

Fun way to build subtraction skills! 

Subtraction Checkers 

Turn a game of checkers into an exciting way to learn subtraction facts.

Subtraction Flashcards:

Flash cards are still a great tool for building subtraction skills