Pre Algebra Math Games

pre algebra math games

Do you use Pre algebra math games?   Kids will definitely be more excited about learning algebra if games are involved!  You Think!

Target - A pre-algebra card game

Skill: Order of Operations

Materials: deck of playing cards pencil and paper for each player

Number of Players: 2 - 4

Preparation: Remove the face cards from the deck.  (Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks - but leave the two Jokers in.)

How To Play:

  • Player 1 shuffles the deck of cards and then places the top five cards face up in a row in the middle of the players.  Let's say they deal the five cards below. 
pre algebra math games
  • Place the rest of the deck face down in middle of players.  Turn over the top card of the deck and place this card face up next to the last card.  This is the target number.  So let's say they turned over a nine card.
pre algebra Target Number Activity
  • The players will try to reach this number by using the five cards and the order of operations
  • Each player will then use their pencil and scratch paper and try to come up with an equation that equals the target number (in this case 9). 
  • Each player must use at least two of the numbers from the original five cards laid down. 
  • Each number can only be used once, unless that number was placed more than once in the original five cards.  So for our example above, 3 can be used two times if the player chooses to.  Below is a possible equation to get to nine.
prealgebra order of operations activity
  • After a specified amount of time, each player will reveal if they were able to reach the target number and if so, the other players will check to make sure they performed the math correctly.
  • Whoever cannot come up with a correct equation to reach the target number receives no points for that round.
  • Scoring - Players earn 3 points for a correct equation.  Player earns 3 bonus points for using all five cards.  If a player has an incorrect equation they lose 2 points. 
  • If no player can come up with an equation, pick up the five cards and put them off to the side in a discard pile.  Pull the top five cards from the deck and lay them side by side and repeat the process as before with each player trying to reach the target number.

Have Fun!!  

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