Printable Math Games

Are you ready to Play Math?  Printable math games are just what you need to bring hours of fun and excitement to math learning.  

Learning Decimals - Pairing: Classroom Math Activity - This is a great math class activity that will keep students engaged. After each player gets a card, they are to begin searching for the person holding the card that when added to their card will make 10.....

printable math games decimal game to make 10

Math Patterns: The number world is full of patterns. For kindergartners learning to count has to do with patterns. 3rd or 4th graders learn when multiplying any number by 5, the answer is a number that ends in either 0 or 5...another pattern.

Recognizing Shapes: Fun two player math activity that helps youngsters learn to recognize shapes as they identify circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles.

Counting By Twos: Have fun counting by twos with this printable math activity.

Fishin' For Addition: Grade Levels 1 - 2. Kids will have fun practicing Addition facts through 9 + 9. Number of players: 2 to 4. Be the first player to cover five fish in a row.

Tic Tac Toe Addition: Kids enjoy playing this addition version of tic tac toe. Practice addition facts the fun way with a game (Tic Tac Toe) that most every child is already knows and enjoys!

Figure This: This printable activity is fun and is great for helping youngsters to recognize and name geometric shapes and solids. Players flip over any two cards and match a name card with a shape card. See who can match the most cards and win the game! Good for grades K-2.

Addition / Subtraction Facts: Practice 2 and 3-digit addition and subtraction with this fun game. Be the first player to correctly complete the game card and win the game.

Addition Bingo: Bingo math is great for helping students practice on just about any math topic they're learning. Just print and cut out the game cards and you're ready to play!

Multiplication Facts: Try this game and become an expert at multiplication facts. Print off the number cards we provide, grab a pair of dice, and you're ready to play.

2 and 3 Digit Multiplication: Monkeying Around with Multiplication is a third grade math game that will help your 3rd grader work on multiplying big numbers while having fun.

Division Facts: Get good at those division facts using printable math games. then move on to dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers with the game below.

Long Division: Ready for some long division? Students will like this "Driving Into Division" as they race around the game board practicing division with 2,3 and 4 digit numbers.

Multiplying and Diviving Fractions: Fraction Flip is a fun printable game to help students practice multiplying and dividing fractions.  And then there's Fraction Feud, where students will have fun learning and practicing comparing fractions.

Fraction Feud: Fun game that helps kids practice comparing fractions.

Name That Number: Students try to identify a sum or difference that names a given target number. Good for Middle and or High school. Pre-Algebra.

You can also play the online version of Name That Number. If you want to play more math games online, check out our online math games page.

One thing that's so great about these printable math activities, is that you can print them off and take them wherever you go. Take them on the family trip or where ever.

More Printable Fraction Games

More Printable Math Games... 

Help the kiddos get a kick out of math with these fun printable resources! More to come...

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