Math Puzzle Worksheets

Looking for math puzzle worksheets? Here are several math puzzle challenges that will engage your math students and they’ll have some fun in the process.

The "Four Fours" Math Puzzle

The challenge is to express all the numbers from 1 to 100 using only a combination of the mathematical operators of addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (×), and division (÷)

The only number that can be used is the number 4, and it can only be used four times when expressing each of the numbers 1 through 100. Here are some examples for the first few numbers.

In addition to the four mathematical operations, decimal points, square root symbols, exponents, and parentheses may be used. 

You can print off the Four Fours math puzzle worksheet for students to fill in their answers. Here is our solution, but keep in mind that students can and probably will have different solutions for some numbers. 

The "Five Fives" Math Puzzle

Another stimulating challenge for this math puzzle worksheet shares the same theme as the classic "Four Fours" math puzzle above.  This puzzle is similar to the one above, but this time students "fives" instead of "fours".

As the name suggests, in the Five Fives math challenge puzzle, the object is to use only 5 fives, and the four mathematical operations to get the desired numbers. Print the Five Fives Math Puzzle worksheet.

Also just as in the Four Fours, decimal points, and square root symbols may be used.

The "Three Problem" Math Puzzle

Use operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, and the decimal point to make true the identities below.  We already did the 5's row - you can see it in red. Print the Three Problem puzzle worksheet.

1    1    1  =  3

2    2    2  =  3

3    3    3  =  3

4    4    4  =  3

.5 x 5 + .5 = 3

*6    6    6  =  3

*7    7    7  =  3

8    8    8  =  3

9    9    9  =  3

We put an asterisk (*), by the ones that usually give students the most trouble.

Hope you enjoy this math puzzle worksheet! We'll be adding more worksheet puzzles pretty soon so be sure to check back and sign up for the newsletter. 

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