First Grade Math Games

Children and games go hand in hand, so first grade math games are a natural way to help them learn and enjoy math. A child will understand math more easily when they see it. First grade math games and math activities helps young kids see math, put their hands on the math, and touch it.

Popcorn Counting Activity: Give them a delicious and fun way to learn to count with this Popcorn Counting activity. Focuses on counting by twos and by fives.

counting activities

Later Gator: Learning to tell time always seems to give youngsters a sense of accomplishment. Try this fun activity that wil help your first grader starting out learning the clock.

telling time games 01

Fishin' for AdditionAddition facts through 9 + 9 - Be the first player to cover 5 fish in a row in this fun printable addition game!

first grade addition games fishin' for game board

Recognizing Shapes: Help your 1st grader know the difference between squares, rectangles, triangles, etc., with this fun activity.

Identifying Shapes game

Addition ConcentrationPrint out the addition cards. Next Print out the answer cards. Decide which addition facts you want to use. You can use as many or as few as you like.

addition concentration game

Roll More or Less: Greater Than / Less Than math game. Have fun with Greater than, Less than, and Equals with symbols; Also Addition up to 6 + 6.

Rolling More or Less - greater than less than math game

Egg Carton Addition Game:

Learning addition facts with first grade math games is a little more popular with the kiddies than just plain ol' first grade math worksheets! How do I know? Well, this game uses an egg carton, dice and jelly beans. Enough said :)

Egg Carton Addition Game

Addition Facts

Kids will love learning to do addition with these cool adding games. Click on the above link to find both online and printable addition games.

Addition / Subtraction Facts

Check out these two fun printable activities that will help kids learn and practice their addition and subtraction facts.

First Grade Addition Games For Kids

Addition is one of the most important math skill first graders will become very familiar. Here's an online activity to help kids have fun and practice addition at the same time! Help Dr. Moon blast off in his rocket by adding correctly!

What's Your Number - Place Value

Try this place value activity for your young learner. A fun math activity for helping kids recognize place value and read numbers. It's a good game for the classroom or at home.

Money Games For Kids

Learning about money is a skill kids need to learn about, and first grade math is a great place to get start.

Comparing Length and Weight

Here’s a simple game for early learners. This game asks players compare the lengths and weights of everyday objects.

Solving Word Problems - 1st Grade Math Activities

Want to give your child or students practice with word problems? These 1st grade math activities are focused on word problems students will encounter in the 1st grade!

Recognizing Math Patterns

Learning to recognize math patterns is an important part of a child's understanding and success with mathematics. Try this printable activity that will give them practice.

Skip Counting Games

Learning to skip count means you can count things faster! Its also a great way to get kids familiar with learning to multiply. It makes memorizing those multiplication facts a whole lot easier and entertaining for kids!

Printable First Grade Math Activities

Making math fun for your 1st graders is very important. While worksheets are good, they can sometimes be boring for kids. That's where printable games come in real handy.

Learning With First Grade Math Games Is Cool!!!

Online Math Games For First Grade

Now for some fun online math games for your first grader.There are so many exciting math games for kids to play online and they just love'em. The cool thing about these games is that they are interactive.

COUNTING FISH BY TWOS: This is a fun online to get practice counting by twos. Click on the fish as they swim across the water. Each fish has a number on it. Click on the correct fish counting by twos!

BUY IT WITH THE LITTLE FARMER: Here's a fun interactive first helps kids learn how to count money!

Addition Activity

Subtraction Activity

Printable Math Games For 1st Grade

Printable math games are lots of fun. There are many too choose from to help your child with specific 1st grade math skills.

FACE OFF is a fun addition game that focuses on the sum of two numbers from set of dice.

First Grade Math Worksheets

Below are some math practice math worksheets for your first graders. Along with playing first grade math games, practice is key when it comes to learning those math facts.

Addition Fact Worksheets

You can print off these addition facts to brush up here. Now try to complete the addition facts exercise.

Subtraction Fact Worksheets

Here's the subtraction facts sheet to brush up. Now try to complete the subtraction fact exercise.

First Grade Math Games Really Help Kids Enjoy Math!

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