Decimal Games

decimal games

This is the fun place for learning about decimals! You'll find decimal games on this page that will bring a little fun and excitement to learning how to deal with decimals.

Decimal Squares: Here's an artsy decimal activity that will let the creativity in kids come out as they learn about decimal, fraction, and percent equivalents.

decimal squares activity

Pairing Decimals to Make 10: Engaging group decimal activity - helps students practice number bonds to 10 using decimals to one place.

decimal games pair pic

Decimal Place Value Chart: Check out tis place value chart to help get a good understanding of how decimals work.

decimal place value chart 1

Rounding Race: This is a game you can make with your child that will help master rounding with decimals.

Decimal Mania: Online Activity to practice Adding and Subtracting Decimals.

What You need to Know about Decimals

Decimal Numbers contains a Decimal Point and are based on the number 10.

Place Value

When writing numbers we should know the position (or "place") of each number is important.

In the number 652,

  • 2 is in the "Ones Place"
  • 5 is in the "Tens Place"
  • 6 is in the "Hundreds Place"

Tenths decimal block

This block is made up of ten small blocks. We will let each of these small blocks represent 0.1 (in decimal format).

So from the picture shown, there are three small blocks shaded. So if we want to express the shaded part as a decimal, it would be 0.3.

More Decimal Games and Stuff...

Decimals are a big part of math for elementary and middle school students. They should be comfortable adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals as they reach those levels.

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