Probability Games for Middle School

Are you thinking probability games for middle school can add some spice to you kids math learning? 

Well, you're "probably" (pun intended) on to something, and we may just have what you're looking for!

Probability Prison Escape 

probability games for middle school

How Many Players: 2

What You Need:

  • 1 Game Sheet  
  • Game cards
  • 5 makers for each player. (Markers can be anything like coins, buttons, etc that each player will place on each of their 5 prison cells on the game sheet at the start of the game.)


  • Print off a copy of the game board (just one board per game).
  • Print off game cards pages
  • From the game card pages, cut out the game cards along the dashed lines. There are a total of 27 game cards that you should cut out.
  • Optional: laminate the game board and game cards for extended use. 
  • Shuffle the games cards really well and place them face-down on table in middle of the two players.

How To Play:

  • To decide which player goes first, have each player roll the pair of dice. The player with the highest sum goes first.
  • The first player draws a card from the face-down pile, flips it over, reads it aloud, and places it face-up on the table next to the face-down pile of cards. 
  • The player then rolls the pair of dice and if the player's roll matches what the card they just pulled was, they free one of their prisoners from one of their cells. If their roll doesn't math the card they pulled, their turn is over and play continues with the second player.
  • The second player proceeds in the same way by drawing a card and then rolling the dice to see if their roll matches the card pulled. In the same manner, if their roll matches the card pulled, they free one of their prisoners, and if not, play foes to other player.
  • Play continues in this same way until one of the players has freed all of their prisoners from their cells. The first player to remove all of their prisoners wins the game!

Notes: As you will see, some of the game cards will make he game more interesting and fun! Those cards pretty much speak for themselves. 

For example, if a player draws a "Skip your turn" card, they get skipped for that round and play goes to next player.

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Each time you roll a six-sided die, you're dealing with probability. This means each time you roll one die, you have a 1 in 6 chance of rolling a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

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