8th Grade Math Games

Learning math should not have always be the same old boring routine. 8th grade math games can provide that spark to get students motivated and involved in learning math.

8th grade math practice just got a whole lot more fun with fun math games and activities you'll find here!

8th grade math games Adding Integers Game: Have fun with this integer game while learning to master the all important rules for adding positive and negative numbers. Players will have to quickly identify whether the answer of an addition problem is positive, negative, or zero.

8th grade math games Rules of Exponenents Game: Do you know the six rules of exponents? Play this fun exponent game with Kiwi to practice six important rules of exponents. Exponents are a very important skill for 7th and 8th graders going on to study algebra!

8th grade math games Algebra Vs. the Cockroaches - Slope Intercept: Here's a pretty cool eighth grade math game that helps students conquer the concept of slope-intercept in algebra. The cockroaches move along a straight line. The mission is to find the slope-intercept form of the line

CROSSWORD PUZZLE: Test your knowledge on some of these mathematical terms that 8th graders should be familiar with. Work the puzzle online or you can work the print version.

If your 8th grader is working on algebra you should enjoy our algebra games! You can also visit our geometry games page for middle school.

Slope Intercept Rap: Check this video out. Math teacher from Los Angeles uses music to inspire and teach 8th graders math. See what you think...

If you need some more practice, how about 8th grade math worksheets...the more math practice your eighth grader gets, the more confident they will feel about math! 8th grade math problems come in all shapes and sizes, so why not have a variety of ways to help you student succeed!
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