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Are fractions your nightmare? Turn the nightmare to fun with fraction games.

Once they get the hang of them, kids like fractions! The problem is that many students don't build a solid foundation with fractions. Then, as they move through school without the basics, fractions become a source of fear. Fraction games for kids can help change that!

"New" Equivalent Fractions Card Activity: This is a fraction activity that helps kids learn about and practice the concept of equivalent fractions.

fraction games

Give a child you know the benefit of using these games to start off on the right foot, or to sort out the trouble of the past. 

Fraction Wall Game: Fun fraction activity that helps kids get used to familiar with and learn about equivalent fractions.  

fraction wall game

Fraction Bingo Printable: Fraction Bingo bingo game the kids grew up with, except it's a fun way to bring fractions into the equation with your students and get them engaged in the learning. 

Fraction Magic Squares: Great fraction activity that your student's will enjoy. This will help your students' build skills adding and reducing fractions.

Fraction Puzzles: Students get a chance to explore fractions with these fraction puzzles.

Fraction Circle Race: Your students will enjoy this fraction activity and learn all about equivalent fractions at the same time! 

Fraction Number Line Concentration: Using fraction number line activities really help give students a visual of what's going on with fractions let's them seem how fractions relate to each other. That way they can have that "Oh, I see" moment.

Fraction-Rectangles Multiplication:  Visualize multiplying and dividing fractions with fraction rectangles.

Fraction Strips:  Are you using fraction strips for teaching fractions yet?  They're great for helping students visualize and get a better understanding of how fractions work.

Fraction Flip It: Grab a deck of cards, print off the Fraction Flip It game sheet, grab a pencil and paper, and you're ready to have fun multiplying fractions.

Fraction Fiasco: Students will love getting practice adding and subtracting fractions with Fraction Fiasco. Our new printable fraction board game that again!

Fraction Fiasco Game

But wait, there's More Fraction Games...

Fraction BasketballReady for some basketball? Paper basketball that is. What kid hasn't tossed the crumpled up paper into the waste cam at one time or another? Well, here's a fun activity that let's them do just that and get some fractions in at the same time!

fraction basketball game

Four-Sums Fractions: Four-Sums Fractions is a fun activity for kids that are beginning to learn about adding fractions with common denominators. You can just print off the game boards and fraction cards right from your computer.

Comparing and Ordering: Fraction Card Game - Comparing fractions can be a little tricky for some kids. Especially when fractions have different denominators! Click the link above for card games that focus on comparing fractions.

Hands-On Activities:Hands-on fraction activities are a great way to give students a chance to touch and feel fractions. Often times if they can visualize fractions, it makes this sometimes difficult math concept a lot easier to understand.

Fraction Strips:Fraction strips are a hands-on way for demonstrating how fractions work! Teachers and parents find may find this to be a good teaching tool when it comes to getting their students to feel comfortable with the concept of fractions. Kids enjoy it because of the game-like and its hands-on!

Printable Fraction Worksheets: Here you'll find fraction worksheets, the regular kind with just fraction problems, but you'll also find some fun fraction worksheets too!

Learning Video: Here's a collection of fraction videos that will make fractions easier to understand.

Online Games: There are plenty exciting online fraction activities to improve your child's math ability. Kids enjoy playing the games and the cool thing is they're building math skills! We provide some of our own and give links to others already on the Internet.

Fraction Rings: In Fraction Rings, students will students get practice adding fractions by first finding a common denominator.

There are loads of free fraction games on this site so you won’t need to spend tons of money. When you do have to spend, you’ll love our helpful reviews. And we promise not to tell if you overcome your own fraction phobia as you help a child.

Printable Fraction Worksheets:

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Fractions Strips

Print off these fraction strips and let your students get a hands-on fraction experience! 

Fraction Fiasco

Kids love this fraction  board game. And they'll get lots of practice adding, subtracting, and simplifying fractions too!