Using Art to Teach Math

So you may already be aware that using art to teach math can help make learning math a little less boring and more engaging for students! Using art with math, encourages creative and critical thinking skills! 

Decimal Math Art: Here's an artistic and colorful way for young students to get a grasp of the meaning of decimals.

decimal math games 1

100 small squares make up the large square.

 A Great Way of Using Art to Teach Math 

  • Fractions: Be sure your students know that each small square represents the fraction "1/10" of the large square.
  • Decimals: Be sure students understand that each small square represents the .01 of the large square.
  • Percents: Last and certainly not least, students should understand that each small square represents the 1% of the large square.
decimal math games 1

The 4 small green squares in picture can be expressed

in three ways - fraction, decimal and percent - as follows:

1) 4/100 (or 1/25 in lowest terms) of the large square

2) .04 of the large square

3) 4% of the large square 

Teaching Ideas

Math may be rigid, boring, and even scary for some kids! But the fact is, math can be very creative! Solutions to math problems can often be found in many ways, and sometimes even with art.

Math Pixel ArtCheck out the cool pixel art that kids can do as they learn fundament math concepts. Double Digit Addition

math pixel art pic doggie
math pixel art pic 2

These are skills that are valuable for students beyond the math classroom and are of value in real life even after school.

One thing is for sure, when it comes to young folks, art can and should be used whenever possible, to make math more engaging and approachable.

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