Middle School Math Activities

You and your child will enjoy these middle school math activities, and best of all they provide an excellent opportunity to learn math while having fun at the same time!

Dice can be used to teach a variety of math skills. Some children catch on to math more naturally than others. Regardless of how your child learns math, you can be sure adding some fun to the mix goes a long way in helping kids learn.

Middle School Math Exponent Games

Exponents are a very important skill in middle school math. some games involving exponents? Try this Online Basketball Math Exponents Game to start practicing and building skill working with exponents! Slam dunk with the right answer!

Classroom Math Games for Middle School

If you're a teacher, you should check out our main classroom math games page. You can print a lot of these games off right from the computer for play in your classroom. Your students will get a kick out of math with these fun math activities!

BAKE A BATCH OF FRACTIONS: Cooking with math is always a fun way to reinforce general math skills. With this activity, you'll be practicing adding and subtracting fractions, but the activity can be modified to refresh multiplication, division, and more.

Middle School Decimal Math Games

Learning about decimals is a skill students need to master during their middle school years. This online activity helps get practice with ordering decimals. See if you can switch the decimals around to put them in the correct order from the smallest to largest.

Decimal Darts and Tug of War

Practice decimals with this decimal dart game. See how many balloons you can pop by throwing darts and practicing working with decimals! Recognize which decimal is greater or less that another. can be played with one or two players.

By the 7th and 8th grades many students are introduced to pre-algebra and algebra. If not then definitely by the 9th grade. Check out these online games for Solving simple linear equations and the second one they solve linear equations while blasting the planets!

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