Place Value Math Games

place value math games

Place value is important because it helps determine the value of numbers. Place value math games give you a fun way to teach this essential skill to you child or class!

What's Your Number

Grades: 1 - 3

Skills: Recognizing place value, Reading numbers

Number of Players: 2 or More

What You Need: Pencil an paper for each player

How to Play:

This game can be played in the classroom or at home.

  • Each player draws three squares as picture below on their paper.
place value math games
  • The teacher then calls off three random numbers, one at a time.
  • After calling off each number, the players writes down the number on any one of their three squares. Continue calling off numbers and have the players fill in their squares until the three boxes are full.
  • Have the players, one at a time, read aloud the three-digit number on their paper. The player that has the largest number is the winner! You can repeat the same game with four-digit, five-digit numbers as well. Variation: You also repeat the same procedures but this time the winner of the game could be the player who has the smallest number.

  • Place Value Games With Cards 

    Ready for some quick and easy to prepare place value activities. Here are a few place value games with cards ready for your kids to enjoy! 

    place game with cards concentraction

    place value card game - war

    Place Value Math Games by Grade

    Of course, it can vary what your child or what each individual student in your class may need, in terms of skill level when it comes to the appropriate place value activity.

    • 3rd Grade Place Value
    • 4th Grade Place Value
    • 6th Grade Place Value

    Place Mat Values: Help your child learn about place value using a simple with a few items from around the house. Place value is important since it helps kids tell the difference between the “ones, tens, and hundreds” columns in a number.

    Find the Missing Digit: Here's a fun activity you can make with index cards. Your child will have to find the missing digit in a 4-digit number! Helps them understand the ones, tens hundreds, and thousands places.

    That's why we sort of grouped place value games by grade level as seen below. You may find some overlap in the grade levels, but at least you have a general guide:

    Teaching place value with games or any kind of hands-on place value activity helps kids to learn while having fun too.

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