Math Activities for Preschoolers

When is a good time to teach your child math?  As soon as they can say a few words!  Math activities for preschoolers will definitely put your child on the right path to mathematical success at an early age.

math activities for preschoolers

Two years of age is a great time to start. Children ages 3 -5 know immediately if someone got more cookies than they did.  They like telling their age, address, phone number.  We can use this interest.

Caterpillar Count

Grade Level: Preschool - Kindergarten

Skill: Counting

Number of players: 2

Object of the game: Be the player who colors the last part of the caterpillar


  • Caterpillar Count game board
  • A different colored crayon for each player
  • Index cards, numbered from 1 to 9 ***
  • Paper bag


  • Print a copy of the Caterpillar Count game board
  • Place the numbered index cards in the paper bag

Print Game Board #1Print Game Board #2

preschool counting game board

Print Game Board #2

To Play with Game Board #1:

  1. Decide who goes first by pulling numbers from the number bag.  The person with the highest number begins.
  2. The first player takes a number from the bag.  Using her own color, she shades in that number of spaces on the caterpillar. (Example: Amy picks a 2 from the number bag.  She colors the first two spaces on the caterpillar with her red crayon.) She places the number card back in the bag.
  1. The next player draws a number card and uses his crayon to color in that number of spaces on the caterpillar. (Example: Matt picks a 4 from the bag. He colors the next 4 spaces on the caterpillar with his blue crayon.)
  2. Play continues until the entire caterpillar has been colored.  The player who colors in the last space on the caterpillar is the winner


  1. Give each player his own Caterpillar Game board and use numbers 1 to 20. The first player to finish his own board wins.
  2. Use Game board #2 with numbers 1 to 30.
  3. For either game board, use multiples of 5 up to 50. Players “skip count” so that every section of the caterpillar represents 5 numbers.  For example, if a player draws 25, he counts, “5, 10, 15, 20, 25” and colors 5 sections of the board.
  4. Use multiples of 10 up to 100. Players “skip count” so that every section of the caterpillar represents 10 numbers.

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  • Children really enjoy learning with math activities for preschoolers.

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