Addition Games

Addition games make learning to add fun and exciting for kids. Whether it's basic addition facts, adding four and five digit numbers, or even fractions,...addition math games add a spark to learning math!

egg carton addition

Eggs-Act Sum: Addition Facts up to 6 + 6. How many times have you seen a child adding by counting on their fingers. This is fine when they are just learning. This fun activity builds addition skills with an egg carton, dice, and jelly beans! Kids love it!

Addition - Subtraction Checkers: Most every kid enjoys a good game of checkers. Especially if they have a choice between that or math worksheets. 

Rolling More or Less: The first set of game cards helps kids with addition up to 6 + 6 and greater than / less than. The second set of game cards helps kids learn addition up to 24.

Add'em Up Take'em Away Dice Battle: Here's a fun math board game that builds addition and subtraction fact skills.  The player who fills their opponents sid eof the board with their markers is the winner.

Fishin' For Addition

Here's a fun addition activity your 1st and 2nd graders will enjoy as the practice those all-important addition facts up to 9 + 9! 

  • Addition facts through 9 + 9
  • Grades 1 and 2
Fishin' for Addition game

Addition Blocks Bullseye

In this addition activity, young learners have fun trying to guess the Bullseye number while practicing their addition facts!

Addition Blocks Bullseye Activity

Dr. Moon Rocket Addition: Help Dr. Moon launch his rocket by answering addition facts correctly! Finish the 3 levels and the rocket takes off to the moon!

Dr Moon Rocket Addition Facts Online Activity

"DOS" = (Uno + Uno)

You've probably heard of and played the game of "UNO"... Well "DOS" is a fun addition and subtraction game kids can enjoy while adding and subtracting numbers up to 18! 

"DOS" Addition and Subtraction math game

Three Dice Addition: All you need is three dice and the dice chart that that you can print off for free. Kids get a kick out of rolling dice and get practice mentally adding three numbers at a time.

Ten Again: Here's a great game that kids will love to play. They will get a chance to practice their addition facts up to 10. They can also play the subtraction fact version as well.

Sunken Treasure: Here's a fun math activity you can print off that kids will get a kick out of while getting a grasp of adding and/or subtracting two-digit numbers . See who can reach the treasure chest the most times!

Addition Math Can: This addition activity was sent in by one of our visitors.  All it takes is a few materials you probably have sitting around the house like an old soda (pop) can to make the Math Can and you're ready to play.  Great for learning addition facts.

Adder Ladders: Two and Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction game. Print the game cards and you're ready to start adding and subtracting.

Regrouping: How about some larger numbers. Check out this link that shows kids how to think about regrouping while using unit blocks and tens block manipulatives.

Regrouping Games: A little further along children will learn to add bigger numbers. So they'll have to learn to regroup or what we use to refer to as carry. Check out some great addition regrouping games here that your child will enjoy.

Addition Concentration: Print off this classic math card game that will help kids with addition facts. I use to love the game of "Concentration" as youngster with a regular deck of playing cards. "Addition Concentration" puts a math twist this classic card game.

Addition Squares Math Game: Here's an online addition game that kids will play over and over again. Learn and build addition fact skills as you help Dr. Moon launch his rocket by answering the addition facts correctly.

Magic Circles: Have you tried magic circles for teaching addition. They're fun and great for practicing basic math facts. Students will use mental math to compute answers to addition problems. Students will add columns of numbers to arrive at a total score.

Two Fisted Pennies Addition: This is a fun addition activity for young children that will help them get good at their addition facts.

Share Your Favorite Addition Activities: Do you have a favorite addition game or activity that you really enjoy? How about sharing it with others so they can also enjoy it! You can also check out fun adding games contributed by other teachers, parents, and students!

If you are a teacher we know you're probably always on the look out for great addition and subtraction games to use for your classroom. Games will definitely help give kids some motivation for learning to add. They love playing the games and you'll be surprised how fast the time for the lesson passes.

Addition activities are excellent learning tools every teacher and parent should have to keep kids engaged and excited about math. Addition worksheets are great, and doing homework has its place, but kids are kids - and addition math games will usually capture their attention a lot quicker than most other methods.

You might want to check out our subtraction games also.

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