Decimal Math Games

How about more fun and exciting ways to help teach decimals. Engaging decimal math games and activities will get kids motivated and enjoying math!

Decimal - Fraction - Percent Squares

This decimal activity will help students get practice with decimal, fraction, and percent equivalents.

Skills: Finding decimal, fraction, and percent equivalents

Preparation: Print out the 10 by 10 grid. Print off the decimal-fraction-percent table.

Materials: 10 by 10 grid that we provide, six different color pencils or markers for each person, a decimal-fraction-percent table we provide for each person.

decimal math games grid

What to do: Each student will gather their colored pencils or markers and their 10 by 10 grid. This activity will give each student the opportunity to use some of their artistic and or creative ability to create a multi-colored design.

Each design should use between four and six colors, which will be left up to the creative flair of each person. Below are a few examples of designs that have been created. The ones pictured on this page are just examples of what students might do.

After they have created their artful masterpiece, the math part begins. Here is where each person will fill in their tables that they should have printed off.

What They Need To Know:

  • Each of the small squares represents .01 as a decimal.
  • Each of the small squares represents 1 / 100 as a fraction.
  • Each of the small squares represents 1% as a percent.
  • So 3 green squares, for example, represents .03 of the whole.
  • 3 green squares is 3 / 100 of the whole.
  • And last but not least, 3 green squares is 3% of the whole.

Each table has the following five columns: Color, # Shaded, Decimal, Fraction, Percent. I put a picture of it below.

The easiest part will be to fill in the color column. The number column will be easy as well. For each color, just count the number of squares for that color and enter that across from the appropriate color.

You should review with your students how decimal, fractions, and percents relate to each other.

Depending on the level of the student, you can have them reduce fractions to lowest terms if they are already familiar with how to do that.

Have Fun With It!

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Learning decimals is an important concept for students to master before getting into algebra later on in middle or high school. Converting from decimals to fractions and vice-versa should is a skill kids learn in middle school.

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