7th Grade Math Word Problems

Looking for some help with 7th grade math word problems? One of the best ways to gain confidence with word problems is to see many examples worked out. We'll provide video examples as well as other examples of story problems showing how to solve step-by-step.

7th grade math word problems

Word problems are probably the most intimidating topic in all of math. And this is the case from elementary school all the way up through college. And parents often feel the same way when trying to help out with homework.

It may be good to try to think of word problems kind of like solving a mystery. Most of us like the satisfaction of solving a mystery. So just think of yourself as a private investigator / undercover detective.

Not everyone has this special skill, but if you can master it a young age you will put your self in a very elite category or word-problem detective extroidianire!

Another way to see word problems are as puzzles. And how good does it feel after solving a puzzle. With a little practice, you will develop your logical thinking skills and be able to solve many kinds of word problems / math puzzle.

So try to practice some of the techniques listed here for solving word problems and you will be well on your way to being able to help others who may have struggle like you use to.

Ratio Word Problems

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