Elementary Math Games

Free Math Games for Elementary kids

Elementary math games - excellent way yo get kids excited about math. If you're a teacher or parent, we make it easy to teach your kids math in a fun way with lots of elementary math activities!

Rolling More or Less: Here's a great math game for 2 to 4 players. Helps kids using greater than and less than, as well as addition facts up to 6 + 6. Print off the game cards and get started. Player who earns the most game cards is the winner!

Greater than Less than math gameg

Magic Squares "Game": Elementary math students will love this Magic Squares game. They'll be building addition and problem-solving skills and having fun at he same time! 

elementary math games

"50 Cents" Subtraction Facts Game: Be the first player to put all 50 coins back in the bowl. All you need is to print off the subtraction flash cards and pennies for each player and you're ready for some subtraction facts fun!

subtraction game

Checker Board Subtraction game: Check out out new checkerboard math game for practicing subtraction facts

subtraction checkers game pic 1

"Adder - Ladders Game" - Add / Subtract 2 and 3-digits: A fun elementary math activity that helps build skill in adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers. It's a two-player game for grades 2-3 or anyone needing practice with addition and subtraction. You can print off the game cards me right from your computer.

addition and subtraction game
fun math activities adder ladders

Checker Board Multiplication: If you love the classic checkers board game, you'll love this checkers game with a math twist!  This one is helps the kiddos with multiplication facts

Feed the Factor Tree Game:  Here's a fun game that helps students get familiar with factor trees, prime factors, as well as build their multiplication skills.

factor game

"New" Equation Search: You've probably heard of word search puzzles, but what about equation search. This is a great elementary math activity that you can tailor to the particular math skill you are teaching.

Equation Search Game

Rollin' with the Facts - Multiplication: Grade Level: 3-4. Practice multiplication facts through 12 x 12 with this math game that's great for elementary schoolers. The first player to flip over all of their answer cards wins!

multiplication facts game

Factor FourA fun elementary math activity that give kids practice with factors, multiples, multiplication facts, division facts.

Factor Four game

Graphing Games: Teaching kids about graphing and ordered pairs the fun way with this activity. Just print the game grid and grab a pair of dice, and you're ready.

Math Bingo Game:  Kids will enjoy learning with Math Bingo. You can choose the math topic that your students need to learn and tailor the game to that.

multiplication bingo game printable free pic 1

2 and 3 Digit Multiplication Game: Have you multiplied any 2 any 3-digit numbers lately? "Monkeying with Multiplication" is a free board game you can print off from your computer. Good for grades 3-4. See who can be first to reach the finish line by recognizing correct and incorrect answers.

monkey multiplication game 4 kids
monkey addition games

Driving Into Division: Fun race car elementary division math game to help kids with dividing 3-and 4-digit numbers by 1 and 2-digit numbers. Print off the game board and you're ready to ride!

driving into division game board

Pig - A Probability Game: A math game that will give students a look at probability. They game is played with a pair of dice. Players take turns rolling the dice and adding their rolls trying to be the first to reach a reach a predetermined total.

probability math games pig

More Probability Games

You'll find the main probability math games page here. Check out the probability games page. Students will get a chance to learn what probability is and how it works and play games that relate to it.

More Elementary Math Games...

Tangram Puzzles

Have you tried solving tangrams? This is a fun hands-on activity kids can do while learning about geometry at the same time.

Elementary Math Games Are Cool!!!

Math Baseball Games

Homemade Elementary Math Games

Homemade math games are great because they are fun and they engage your child's math skills. No need for a computer or expensive things to buy. You can create these simple math activities with common materials you have around the house. Place Value Chart

Use this place value chart helps students understand how place value works.

Place Value Elementary Math ActivitiesUnderstanding Place Value can be a little tricky for some children to grasp, although others pick it up intuitively. Either way, it's a very important math concept they need to know, otherwise any kind of arithmetic is going to be extremely difficult. Click the link above for elementary math activities that make place value fun.

Counting Money Games: Get the kiddos to learn money counting with hands-on activities! 

Create Own Elementary Math Board Game: Kids like to play board games so throwing a little math into the game board mix is great for building math skills. You can make your own board games for little or no cost.

Math Card Games: Here's a few math games that can be played using an ordinary deck of cards.

Hands-On Math ActivitiesMost of us including children learn better when we not only see it or hear it, but when we actually get to touch it. Hands-On Math activities are one of the best ways to help students to get a firm grasp of mathematical concepts.

Math Facts GamesThis link will bring you to a few different games to practice math facts. One is an irresistible activity you can use with your elementary schooler to send messages in “secret code.” Another is subtraction war with a deck of playing cards.

Even More Elementary Classroom Math Games..

Elementary Classroom Math Games

Are you an elementary school teacher... looking for cutting edge elementary math games and activities to liven up the classroom and awaken the math bug in your students? Click the above link for a variety of classroom math activities for kids all in one place. Once you click over you can share your favorite math goodies that work well in your class.

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If you like these elementary math games, there are also elementary math activities on the printable math games page.

What should my Child be Learning in Elementary Math?

We want to provide you with as many fun elementary math games as possible to make math a fun learning experience for every student. In addition to elementary math games, good old fashioned free elementary math worksheets are a great learning tool as well.

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