Algebra Games

Algebra games are fun for students and they actually help build essential algebra skills at the same time! 

Algebra may not "seem" a little scary for some students, but with fun and engaging algebra activities, they quickly realize it's not so hard after all.

Target Game - Order of Operations: Target is a game that can be played with an ordinary deck of playing cards that's great for practicing the order of operations.

order of operations math game target pic

Algebra Balance Scale: Algebra works a lot lot like a Balance Scale does.  The balance scale activity helps students to visualize algebra in action.

algebra activities balanced scale

Have you tried Algebra Tiles: Algebra tiles are a great tool to use if you are teaching or learning algebra.

algebra tiles

"New" Algebra Crossword Puzzle: Most of us have enjoyed working crossword puzzles at one time or another.  So give your students a chance to solve algebraic equations while enjoying a crossword.

algebra 1 crossword puzzle

Function Machine Online Activity: Explore learning to think "algebraically" with this online algebra function machine! Investigate linear relationships and how inputs affect the outputs. 

algebra function machine game

A great method of teaching kids is through play and using games.  Algebra may not seem to be an easy subject for many students, but through the use of fun and engaging math activities, they quickly realize it's not so hard after all.

algebra games

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