6th Grade Math Games

Looking for a fun way to engage sixth grade math students? 6th grade math games are an excellent way to build math skills and add fun at the same time. Want Do you Check

6th grade math games Matho 2 - Order of Operations: Here's an online math game that helps students with order of operations and calculation skills. Can be played with up to three of your friends. Players select a card, then solve the equations that appear when you press the shuffle button. The first player to get 5 numbers in a row on their card, wins.

Rounding Decimals Quiz: See how well you can round decimals to the nearest tenth.

Rounding Decimals Quiz: Now try your knowledge of rounding decimals to the nearest hundredth.

Adding Decimals Game: Have fun practicing adding decimals in this interactive soccer math game.

Add and Subtract Decimals : Test you knowledge of adding and subtracting decimals with this online math activity.

FUNCTION MACHINE: Algebra is fun and will be here to stay for awhile. Come and explore how functions work with this interactive function machine.

MATH SPLAT: Save the bugs before they go splat by Adding and Subtracting fractions with common denominators in the first two levels of this online game. Level 3 is Adding and Subtracting fractions with different denominators.

If you're a parent, you maybe wondering what to expect for your child's sixth grade math class. If you're like many parents, by the time their child is in sixth grade, help with math homework gets to sometimes be more than a notion.

Along with fun 6th grade math activities, there are also 6th grade math worksheets that can give sixth grader extra practice that is often needed as well.

Practice and engaging math games for 6th grade is very effective for building 6th grade math skills! Need 7th grade math games? Or how about 5th grade math games.

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