Probability Games

Are you looking for some fun online probability games? On this page we've put several online activities that help put some fun in understanding probability.

probability games

What is Probability?

Tossing a Coin....

When we toss a coin there are two possible outcomes. There's a chance that the coin could land on Heads, and there's a chance that the coin could land on Tails.

Throwing dice....

When we throw a single dice, how many possible outcomes are there? If you said six, you are right.

The possible outcomes are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. So that means the chance of the die landing on a 1, is 1 out of 6, which we write as 1/6.

Try these probability activities below to help grasp the concept...

Game of Pig: This classic game has been around for some time and all you need is a pair of dice.  Great for giving kids a hands-on experience with probability.

Counting Cards Probability: Try this online activity to practice probability skills. You have to determine the correct probability of picking a certain card from a set of cards!

Probability and You: Here's a short video that that gives a good introduction to probability that kids can easily understand.

Probability Using Pictures: Learning Probability by seeing it with pictures is a great method for helping students learn.

Frog Probability Game: Check out these online activities for probability that will help with concepts of chance,

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