Kid Math Games

Need more ways to turn math into a fun, exciting learning experienceKid math games come in handy for doing just that!  I'm a firm believer that math can and should be fun for kids!

Rolling More or Less!

Skill: Greater than, less than, equals with symbols; addition up to 6 + 6, or addition up to 20.

Number of players: 2-4

Object of the game: Earn the most cards.


Note: There are two sets of game cards that can be printed above. The game is played using one set of cards at a time. Choose the set you need depending on skill level of the players. 

Preparation: Photocopy the game cards, cut apart, and place face down on the table.

To Play:

The game can be played with either set of game cards.  The rules are the same for either set.  The example below is using the set 1 game cards.

1.) The first player draws a card. She rolls the dice and finds the sum. If the sum matches her card, she keeps the card. If the sum doesn’t match the card, she may roll one more time. If the sum still doesn’t match the card, she returns the card to the bottom of the deck and her turn is over. 


Susie draws 4 >____. She rolls 3 + 4. The sum is 7, which is not less than 4. So she rolls again and gets 1 + 2. The sum is 3, which is less than 4, so she keeps the card.

2.) Other players follow in the same manner.

3.) When all the cards in the deck have been used, players count their cards. The player with the most cards is the winner!

Have Fun! 

You might also enjoy this Three Dice Addition game. It's another fun way for the kids to memorize the math addition facts! Don't forget to check out the other addition games on the site.

Kids Math Games Create Positive Attitudes About Math 

As teachers and parents we want to help our kids have an "I Can Do This" attitude when it comes to math!  There are a variety of ways to nurture a love for math with children and one of those is through using math games.  

Maybe you think there's no hope for your child or for most of the students in your class.  Not so fast!  There are plenty of kid math games to go around that can create a least some excitement in the most math anxious child.

The trick is to find the right game.  You'll find tons of math activities on this site. Not all may click with your student - you just need to find the right one.

And that my friend - is all we need - a chance to encourage them with more of the same! 

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