Counting Money Games

If you're looking for some great counting money games, you'll find them here! The link toward bottom of this page takes you to the page with links to all money games.

"Match Game"

Counting Money

counting money games

A great game I really enjoyed playing as a youngster with a deck of ordinary playing cards is one many kids are already familiar with. It's called "Concentration" in my neck of the woods, and is a matching game.

Materials: Money game cards, Coin game cards

Preparation: Print off the Counting Money game cards. Cut out the individual cards (nine cards per page). If desired you can laminate the cards.

Skills: Counting coins

To Play:

  • After you have cut out the game cards, spread out all of the cards face down on the table.
  • Decide which player is to go first.
  • The first player turns over two of the money cards and places them on the table right where they are.
  • If they get a match, the player then picks up the two cards and places it in her pile. A match is for example, a card that with 59 cents written on it and a card pictured with coins totaling 59 cents.
  • If there is no match, the player turns the cards back face down and the next player takes their turn. Each player proceeds in the same manner trying to find a match (coin card with its money card).
  • The game continues until all the cards are picked up. After all cards have been matched, each player counts the number of cards they have, The player that has the most cards is the winner!

More Counting Money Games...

We thought you might also enjoy this printable money counting game that uses "dominoes". Print off the game cards the kids are ready to go as they learn to count more $cash!

Counting Money Games

 The Fun Way To Learn About Money

Counting Money Worksheets

You'll find plenty more money counting activities for kids to enjoy at main money games for kids page. And if you're looking free counting money worksheets, we've got that covered too!

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