Probability Math Games

Probability math games are a great teaching tool.  Using engaging activities with kids gives them a chance to see this sometimes difficult math concept in a fun way.

Pig Math Game   (Grades 3–8) Two or more players

probability math games

Skills: Probability, Addition

What You Need: Pair of dice, Score sheet we provide to help keep score.

Object of Game: Be the first player to score a pre-determined amount of points. For example 100 points is a common total in this game.

How to play:

1. Each players will take turns rolling the dice. Each player can roll the dice as many times as they choose on their turn.

2. Once they have decided to stop rolling the dice, each player totals the sums of each roll for that round, and adds it the the sum of the previous rounds.

Use the score worksheet we provide to keep a running total of the sums. Record the total in the banked score column.

3. Anytime a player rolls a 1 on one of the dice, their turn is over for that round. And they also receive no points for the round. Play resumes to the next player.

4. Also, if a player happens to roll and two 1's show up on the dice for that roll, they lose their turn, but they also lose all of the points they have accumulated up to that point in the game.

Play the online version.

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