geometry games

Geometry Games

Learning geometry can sometimes be a bit tricky for students. Geometry games and activities can help give students a more hands-on enjoyable approach to a sometimes hard to grasp subject.

Congruent Geometry Shapes: In this worksheet, students get to learn and reinforce the geometry concept of congruent figures.grade level: elementary, middle school

Tessellations In Geometry New: Most students enjoy working with tessellations in geometry. Here's a pretty cool geometry activity they love especially for the artsy and creative student.

Tangram Puzzles: Have your students tried tangram puzzles yet? If not they are missing out on a fun geometric puzzle from ancient China based on seven basic shapes.

Geometry Puzzle: See how many squares you can make with this geometry toothpick puzzle.

Tangram Puzzle: Kids enjoy these puzzles where they try to create the given picture from the seven geometric shapes.

Geometry Shapes - Polygons: Here's a short video that explains how polygons are named.

Congruent Triangles: This manipulative allows you to construct two triangles from various combinations of sides and angles. You can choose to work with any one of four different cases.

Geometry Worksheets: Having great resources like geometry activities and worksheets can help students succeed!

Geometry Terms

Circle Geometry: Here's a printable geometry activity that will help students review important terms in geometry.

High School Geometry: Here you will find a variety of resources that are geared for the high school geometry student. Online activities to practice geometry and we'll be adding printables as well.

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