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Adder Ladders

Grade Level: 2-3

Skill: 2 and 3-digit addition and subtraction

Number of players: 2

Object of the game: Be the first player to correctly complete the game card.

fun math activities adder ladders


addition subtraction ladder game


  • Give each player a game card.


  • Click to print off game cards
  • A calculator
  • Assign a range of addends for players to use, such as 1-50, or 60 -100.
  • Instruct each player to write any 7 numbers within the range in the red box on his opponent’s game board.

To Play:

  1. In the first ladder, write two numbers from the red box in the top two spaces. Write their sum in the third space. 
  2. Write another number from the box in the fourth space and subtract it from the sum above it. 
  3. Write the difference in the bottom step of the ladder. 
  4. Transfer this number to the top of the next ladder. 
  5. Continue until all the ladders are completed.
  6. When the first player finishes, he calls out, “Done!” The second player should keep working to finish his game card.
  7. When both players are done, each one checks his opponent’s work using the calculator. If the first finisher’s card has mistakes, then the other player receives the points for finishing first.
  8. Points are awarded: 3 points for being the first to correctly complete the game card; 1 point for each number used from the box.
  9. Play more rounds.
  10. On a signal, both players race to be the first to complete their ladders. Players add and subtract up and down the ladders, using as many of the numbers from the red box as possible. A number may not be repeated within a ladder. See the sample completed ladder and explanation on the next page.
  11. The winner is the player with highest point total.

Have Fun!!!

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