Homemade Math Games

Ready for some fun math activities you can make.  Homemade math games are fun and and simple enough to make from common household items.

Math Bingo: Most kids have played regular bingo.  So why not turn that into a math learning experience that they will really get a kick out of while learning math.

Checker Board Math: Grab your checker board!  And let's memorize some math facts.  Kids love checkers and will be build do.

Leftovers Long Division: Learning Long division can sometimes be a bit tricky for kids.  If you have some beads laying around and a pair of dice you'll be ready to get the kids playing this division game.

Memory Match Up: Your kindergartner will practice matching number symbols to quantities, as she fine tunes her memory skills as well.

Make A Patterned Belt: You and your child can make a fashion statement by making a cool belt and exploring some math at the same time.  Math is all around us and this fun activity gives kids a chance to see math in patterns.

Milk Carton House: Are you trying to get your youngster to master counting for kindergarten?  Here's a good way to practice their counting skills and be sure they are ready!

Froggie Hop Home: This is a fun counting game that's really simple for you and your little one to make at home.  Practice counting and help Froggie get back home

Find the Math Fact Family: Your third-grader needs to know those math facts like the back of their hand!   Well now you can not only drill those facts, here's a fun math fact game your child should love!

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