Prime Factor Game

Here's a fun factor game your students will enjoy playing.  Helps get them familiar with factor trees and  prime factorization.

Feed the Factor Tree

factor game

Skills: prime factorization, multiplication

Number of Players: 2

Object of the Game: Score the highest point total by writing in the correct factors in the empty spaces of the factor tree.

What you Need: Copy of the factor tree game sheet for each player, two six-sided dice, two different colored pencils (one for each player)

How To Play

Players take turns rolling the dice. 

  • Player 1 rolls the dice and adds them together to arrive at the sum. 
  • The player then tries to use this sum, or one of the factors of this sum to fill in one of the empty circles on the factor tree.   


Player rolls the dice and the numbers on dice add up to 6.  She has one of three number choices to use for filling in one empty circle on factor tree. The three choices are:

  • (the sum)
  • (factor of the sum)
  • (factor of the sum)
  • After the player rolls the dice and figures out which numbers they can use from their roll, they then look at the empty spots on the factor tree to see if they can fill one in. 
  •  After they fill in a space their turn ends.  If they can not fill in a space, their turn also ends.
  • Player 2 proceeds in the same manner.
  • The round is over when all of the circles the factor tree have been filled.
  • The top circle of the factor tree is to be filled in last.  In order for a player to be able to fill this top circle in, they must roll the dice as on any other turn.  They must roll a sum of any factor of the number to fill the top number in.


  • Player's receive 1 point for every correct factor they have filled in.
  • Player's receive 1 point for filling in the top number correctly. 
  • Player's receive 3 points for having the most circles filled in. 

Have Fun!!

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