money games for kids

Money Games For Kids

Money Games for Kids! Yes, learning about math and money can and should be fun for youngsters! On this page you'll find links to money games and money worksheets that teach children about money as they play!

Money Counting Game: Here's a fun game that will help your kid practice counting coins. Just print off the counting coins worksheet and you're ready to play.

Counting Money Games: Dollar Store online money counting activity.

Counting Money Worksheets: Print off our free worksheets and get practice with money.

Counting Coins:

money games for kids

Here's an online activity that will give kids a chance to brush up on or even learn to count money! If they type in the incorrect amount, this activity will walk them through how to count the money.

Coin Slide:

money games for kids

Drop the coins in the cup to add up to the amount of money give.

money games for kids

Money Flashcards : Here's another good way for kids to get practice counting money. Unlike the above money activity, this one does not help you if you get the wrong answer.

Dollar Store: Kids will enjoy this interactive money game. They will select the correct amount of coins to buy several different toys since the cashier needs exact change.

Most kids will have opportunities to use money and might even have savings of their own. Kids enjoy learning how to count money because it gives them independence and a useful skill. Using money can be a motivator to spark kids interest in math.

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