Subtraction Math Games

Getting the hang of subtraction is important for kids to be successful in math. Subtraction math games are great fun and help in building important math skills at the same time.

SUM SENSE SUBTRACTION: Kids will enjoy practicing subtraction facts with this online activity. Select how many problems and how much time you want. Drag and drop the numbers to make the correct subtraction fact.

SUBTRACTION MACHINE: Practice subtracting with this cool machine. You can choose from 3 different levels. Level 1 is subtraction of one-digit numbers; level 2 is subtracting one-digit from two-digit numbers and level 3 is subtracting two-digit from two-digit numbers.

There are also printable subtraction activities that are great for the classroom or at home!

Just print the math game boards and math game cards from your computer. Others might involve flashcards or other common materials you may already have laying around.

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