Checker Board Math Game

Multiplication Facts

Memorizing Math facts just got a lot easier with this checker board math game! Since most kids are already familiar with playing checkers, they'll have no problem with this game. And if they haven't played the classic checkers board game, here's their chance to learn.

checker board math game

Math Checkers

Skills: Multiplication facts up to 12 x 12

Number of Players: 2

What You Need: Copy of Checker math game board, Calculator, Two different color sets of Checkers.

How To Play:

  • The game is played very much like the classic checkers board game. After you print off the checker board, place it in the middle of the two players.
  • Players decide which color checkers they want.
  • Each player places their checkers on all of the grey squares an their side of the board as shown below.
  • Decide who will go first.
  • Players will take turns trying to move their pieces diagonally, one space at a time by answering multiplication problems correctly.
  • The first player chooses one of his pieces that can be moved to a vacant space and then attempts to state correctly the multiplication on the space they want to move to.

Let's say player 1 decides to move their checker to the square that says "7 x 3". (See picture below.) The player will first have to say the multiplication sentence on that square correctly to move their piece to that square. So they would say out loud,

"seven times three equals twenty-one".

  • Since 7 x 3 = 21 is correct, they move their piece to that vacant square. (See the picture below.) If they do not answer correctly on the first try, they do not move and player 2 takes their turn.

Jumping an Opponent's Piece:

  • A player may jump an opponent’s Checker and capture the piece if the grey square diagonally beyond that Checker is vacant. If possible, you can double or triple jump on a turn.
  • After you jump over one of your opponent’s Checkers, remove it from the Game Board and place it nearby in discard pile. (See pictures below.)

The picture on the left shows the player with the black checkers has a chance to jump his opponent. He must first say aloud the multiplication in the vacant space :

"9 x 4 = 36".

The picture on the right shows the result after the player says the correct multiplication sentence and jumps the opponent and removes the red checker from the board.

  • When you reach the back row of your opponent’s side of the Game Board with one of your Checkers, it becomes a King. To designate it as a King, you will put one of the checkers of the same color that was removed from the board on top of it. So now it is a double-layer.
  • The advantage of having Kings is they can move can move diagonally
    forward and backward!
  • The player that is the first to remove all of their opponent’s Checkers from the Game Board is the winner!

Hope you enjoy this checker board math game.

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