Magic Squares Game

The Magic Squares Game is just one of many fun math activities you'll find on this website. Lots of students and teachers don't realize that learning math can be fun! 

Magic Square Card Game

Skills: Addition, Subtraction, Problem-solving

Number of Players: 2 - 4 

Object of the Game: Be the first player to complete their Magic Square correctly. 

What you Need


  • Print a blank Magic Square for each player.
  • Print the game cards and cut into individual cards.
  • Print the master Magic Squares and cut into four separate magic squares.
  • Each player gets a copy of a blank magic square board
  • Shuffle the cards well, and place the stack face down in the middle of the players.
  • Have each player roll a die. The player with the highest roll gets to select which magic square sum they will use throughout the game.
  • In a clockwise direction, each of the other players selects a magic number sum from the magic number sums that are left.    
  • Each player then places the corresponding master magic square sheet that matches their magic number sum face down next to them until the end of the game.

How To Play:

  • Play now begins with the first player (player who rolled highest number) drawing the top card from the number card pile. They then either choose to lay the drawn card on an empty spot on their Magic Square, or if they don't see a spot to place the card down, they place the card face-up in a discard pile in middle of players and their turn ends. 
  • Players continue in the same manner placing cards on their magic square board, or they can instead, move one card that they have already placed on their Magic Square board to a different spot on their Magic Square board for their turn. If they choose this option, their turn ends and they do not draw a card.  
  • If a player pulls a card that they have already placed on their magic square board, they place the card in the discard pile and their turn ends.
  • Play continues with players alternating turns until a player correctly completes their Magic Square. The first player to complete their Magic Square is the winner! 
  • When a player has completely filled their Magic Square board, the other players should check to make sure the winner's magic square is correct either by adding each row and column and verifying by turning over the magic square master sheet.  

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