Fraction Activities

Hands-On Fun

Hands-on fraction activities give kids a chance to visualize the meaning of fractions. And understanding fractions is a very important concept that kids will need from here on out!

Measure up. Give your child measuring spoons and measuring cups. Have him pour 1 cup of water into a glass. Then have him guess: How many half-cups will it take to fill another glass the same size? How many quarter cups? How many one-third cups?

fraction activities cups of water

Change that recipe! Ask your child to rewrite the amount of each ingredient to double or halve a recipe.

Got Pizza! Let Pizza Night turn into a delicious, and fraction-filled time of learning with the kids. Have your child figure out how many pieces of pizza each person in the group should have if each one is to have the same number of pieces.

Another proven method used by teachers for some time now is using fraction strips. Fraction strips are strips of paper that are sectioned off to represent "parts of a whole".

You can check out some online fraction games as well.

Kids learn fractions better with visual aids and hands-on activities. In other words, mix it up a bit and have some fun.

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