Fraction Bingo Printable

Do you have students who struggle with fractions or who may even have fraction phobia? The fraction bingo printable may be just the thing you need! 

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Fractions are helpful in everyday life and certain professions such as life sciences and auto-mechanics, etc, etc....

But many elementary and middle school-aged children have difficulty understanding and manipulating fractions.

fraction bingo printable and other fun fraction activities can be a real lifesaver to help kids gain confidence with fractions.

What kinds of "fraction bingo" you may ask?

Here's the short list:

  • Fraction Addition Like Denominators
  • Fraction Addition Unlike Denominators
  • Mixed Number Fraction Addition
  • Fraction Multiplication
  • Fraction Division

Fraction Bingo is like the normal bingo, and it's a fun way to introduce fractions to your students. 

Fraction Addition Bingo - Like Denominators

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What You Need:


  • Print off the bingo boards and bingo cards which you'll find in the two links right above. 
  • After printing, cut out the individual bingo boards and bingo cards along the dashed lines. 
  • Pass out one bingo board to each player.
  • Place all of the bingo cards together in a pile and give them a good shuffle to mix them up.

How To Play:

You may already be familiar with how to play Math Bingo. The rules of how to play the basic version below. 

  • As soon as the game begins, each player covers their "Free Space" with one of their markers. 
  • Next, choose which player will go first.
  • The first player is the "caller" for the first round and begins the round by turning over the top card and reading it out loud. 
  • All the players, including the caller, look at their bingo boards to see if the answer to card just called is on their bingo board.

If the answer is on their bingo board, the player covers that space with one of their markers. If not, they do nothing.

  • Play continues in the same way going clockwise with the next player as the "caller". 
  • The first player to have five spaces in a row on their board covered in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line is the winner! 

Fraction Addition Bingo with a "Twist"

fraction bingo printable extra card pic 1

Adding a little twist to the bingo game changes things up a bit to bring some more excitement to the bingo game! Check it out here!

What You Need:

The basic idea of this fraction bingo game is same as game above: First player who covers five spaces in a row on their board in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal wins!

Now for the Twist!

You should notice after printing the bingo cards for this version, there are a few extra bingo cards that weren't used for the regular fraction addition bingo.

Well, it's those extra bingo cards that add a fun little twist to our game. Students usually enjoy playing this version too, since it spices things up a bit. 

The Twist Bingo Cards:

  • "Lose a Turn": When it's a player's turn and they draw a "Lose a Turn" card, they will lose the chance to put down a marker on their board for that round. However, they will then draw the next card and still be the caller and read off the next card for the other players. if they happen to pull another "Lose a Turn" card on the next pull, they'll need to lose two turns in a row, which means they'll have to pull and e the caller for two rounds in a row without being able to put a marker down on their board.

  • "Remove a tile from a player's board":  I guess this one's pretty obvious too. The player who draws this card can choose whichever player they want and remove just one of their markers off their board.

These extra bingo cards add some unexpected fun to the bingo game and can make it a little more interesting! 

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