Fraction Strips

Adding & Subtracting Fractions

Add and Subtract Fractions with Fraction Strips! They Make fractions Easier to Understand! They're used primarily to help kids visualize equivalent fractions.

The Problem

adding fractions with fraction strips

But why stop there! Let's take it further! We're going to use them to make adding and subtracting fractions make more sense...

Fraction Strips - Model the Problem

fraction strips

Find the (Least) Common Denominator

Figure out what same size strips fit exactly underneath the one-half and one-fourth strips. Students should try different size strips by folding and placing strips underneath the problem they modeled

After trying different size strips, they'll find the one-fourths will fit underneath as the picture above shows.

Now it's easy for students to see that one-half is equivalent to two-fourths...because they are the same size!.

Now rewrite the problem using

the Common Denominator

When learning fractions, finding a common denominator can be tricky, but this gives students a visual understanding of what's going on!

Next Problem

Model the Problem with

Fraction Strips

hands-on fractions

Find the (Least) Common Denominator

Now rewrite the problem using

the Common Denominator

Check out the fraction strips below:

We will be adding more adding fraction examples in the next week, so check back soon. You may also want to check out some of the fraction games to use in your class or at home that makes learning fractions fun for kids. Check them out below and also in the right hand margin of this page. 

Blank Strips: Print off and and see if students can fill in the correct fractions.

Classroom Fraction Game

Materials: Rectangular paper strips and a group of students.

Skills: Adding fractions, equivalent fractions and good oral communication skills.

Procedure: Cut the rectangular strips into varying lengths and label them with fractions (e.g 1/2, 1/3, 1/5,1/6). Distribute the strips randomly among the students. The winner of this fraction game has to be the first to have strips that have a total value equivalent to one. Students are allowed to swap strips with each other. For instance, if a student needs 1/6 to get to 1 and has an additional 1/3, he can ask another student to swap two 1/6's for his 1/3.

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