Ordering Fractions Games
Make Fractions A Breeze

Which fraction is the biggest: 3/10, 6/17, 12/21, 2/9 ? Ordering Fractions Games help kids have fun as they're learning to order and deal with fractions.

Comparing fractions can be a little tricky for some kids. Especially when fractions have different denominators. But being able to compare fractions is something that is very helpful even in the real world.

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Play this noisy game to learn how to put fractions in order from smallest to largest.

Game Preparation

Write one of the following fractions on each of 15 index cards:

1/2 1/3 2/3 1/4 3/4 1/6 5/6 1/8 3/8 5/8 7/8 1/12 5/12 7/12 11/12

Game Rules

  1. Shuffle the cards and deal each player five cards. Place the remaining cards faced down in a stack in the center of thetable.

  2. Each player places his or her cards faced down in a row in front of himself or herself.

  3. One player shouts, “Ready, set, go!” and both players turn over their cards and try to put them in order from the smallest fraction (only one on each card) to the largest.

  4. When a person thinks his or her fractions are in correct order, he or she shouts, “Done!“

  5. To check the order of the fractions, find a common denominator, compare the numerators to make sure they are in order. Players may use a calculator and the Tips and Tricks box for help in determining the order. If the first person to finish is correct, he or she wins the round.

  6. All the cards are returned to a single pile and shuffled. Each player is again dealt five cards and a second round is played. The first person to win three rounds wins the game.

When the denominator is the same it's simple to know which fraction is larger - the fraction with the larger numerator. When you have different denominators the game changes on you.

You need to First change the fractions so that they all have a common denominator. Once that's done the fraction with the largest numerator is the largest fraction. Ordering fractions games help kids to reinforce this concept.

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