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Looking for a cool math fraction game to help make those fraction lessons a bit less painful for some of the kiddos...    

math fraction game

"Fraction Wall Game"

This math fraction game gets kids playing around with equivalent fractions that have unlike denominators. Just print the fraction wall game board and fraction wall game cards below to get started playing!  

There's more than one way to play our Fraction Wall game, so we'll give you a couple different ways, but you can of course, get creative and add your own spin to it!

What You Need:

  • Three six-sided dice
  • See through tape 
  • Fraction Wall Game Board
  • A colored pencil, crayon, or marker for each player. (Note: We like to use colored pencils just in case a player makes a mistakes and shades in a fraction wrong, it can be easily corrected.) 


  • Print off a fraction wall game board for each player. 
  • Print out the nurmbers to place on dice faces, and cut out along the dashed lines.
  • After cutting dice numbers along dashed lines, tape one number to each of the six faces of one dieThese six numbers will represent the denominators of the fractions, so we'll refer to this one die as the "denominator" dice.

Game Rules

  • "Version 1" - "Color Me Crazy" Fraction Wall Game 
  • Player 1 rolls the "denominator" dice, and the number rolled represents the denominator of their fraction for this round. 
  • Next, player 1 rolls the other two dice to get their numerator. The player has the option of either adding the numbers on the two dice or subtracting the numbers on the two dice. Note: The numerator has to be smaller than the denominator for this game, so adding the two numbers or subtracting the two numbers may make a differenceLet's say for example, they roll a 4 for their denominator. Next, they roll the two dice for their numerator, and the two numbers showing on the dice are 5 and 3. Since 5 + 3 is larger than the denominator, they will have to subtract: 5 - 2 which would give them a 2 for their numerator. Their fraction would therefore be 2/4.
  • After the player comes up with their fraction, they try to color in empty spaces in any row that equals their fraction. The spaces all have to be next to each other in order for them to be able to color in the fraction. 
  • If there is no available space on the fraction wall to color the fraction in, they do nothing, and play goes to the next player.
  • Play continues clockwise in the same manner to each of the players.
  • Players continue taking turns and the first player to color in their fraction completely is the winner!  

Extra Notes:

  • Each row on the game board equals one-whole
  • Players may color any equivalent fraction on their game board that matches the fraction on their roll. For example, if a player's fraction is a 1/2, they can color a 1/2 rectangle, 2/4 rectangle, or 4/8 rectangle, etc. 

Suggestions for teacher:

  • If players use different colors on their fraction wall for each of their turns, the end of the game can be a teachable moment in that you can ask players to name the colored fractions and the corresponding equivalent fractions 

Equivalent Math Fraction Game

This fraction math game is great for students of various grade levels. Even though students may start exploring equivalent fractions in about 3rd grade, many students in the 4th, 5th, 6th grades and above still struggle with equivalent fractions!

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