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" is Worth a Thousand Pages of

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Looking for a cool math fraction game to help make those fraction lessons a bit less painful for some of the kiddos...    

This "Fraction Wall Game" gets kids playing around with equivalent fractions that have unlike denominators.

Game Rules: 

  • Player 1 rolls the dice and takes note of the fraction that's shown face-up on the die. 
  • Player 1 then colors a fraction on the game board that matches the fraction they rolled on the die. 
  • Each row on the game board equals one-whole
  • They may color any equivalent fraction on their game board that matches the fraction on their roll. For example; if they roll a 1/2, they can color a 1/2 rectangle, 2/4 rectangle, or 4/8 rectangle, etc.
  • Player 2 then takes their turn and repeats the same procedure. 
  • Players continue taking turns and the first player to fill in their wall completely is the winner!
  • If a player doesn't have enough space on their game board to fill in the fraction shown after rolling the die, they lose their turn and the next player proceeds as before. 

Suggestions for teacher:

  • If players use different colors on their fraction wall for each of their turns, the end of the game can be a teachable moment in that you can ask players to name the colored fractions and the corresponding equivalent fractions 

Equivalent Math Fraction Game

This fraction math activity is great for students of various grade levels. Students will begin learning about equivalent fractions in school in the 3rd grade. As you probably already know, many students even in the 4th, 5th, 6th grades and above still struggle with the concept of equivalent fractions!

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