Fractions Game

fractions game

Fraction Flip It - A fractions game for multiplying fractions.....

We  think you'll enjoy teaching "how to multiply fractions" with this game as much as the kids will enjoy playing!

Fraction Flip It

Skills: Multiplying and or Dividing Fractions

Number of Players: 3 - 5

What You Need: Deck of playing cards, Fraction Flip It game sheet for each player, paper and pencil for each player, directions

Preparation: Remove the face cards from the deck.  Print out a copy of the game sheet for each player.

Object of Game: To see who can earn the most points by correctly multiplying fractions.

How To Play:

  1. Shuffle the cards and stack them face down.
  2. Player 1 draws the top card and places it on the game sheet.
  3. Players continue drawing cards and placing them until they have filled
    all four spaces.....

Read the rest of the directions for How To Play.

Take a look at an example below....

Each player takes turns drawing one card  at a time.  After each card they draw, they place the card in one of the four empty rectangles on their game sheet.  Each player continues drawing in turn until all players have four cards placed in all four spaces on their game sheets.

In this example player 1 has placed his cards on his game sheet in the spots pictured below.  Player 1 will then write their multiplication statement on their paper and solve it. The correct answer that player 1 should write down on his paper for this round would be 8/15 (eight-fifteenths). 

fraction flip it fraction game

Each player multiplies their two fractions on their game sheets and simplifies the fraction if possible.  Be sure to read through the directions for the rest of the details of playing the game.

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