Printable Fraction Worksheets

More Fun Fraction Worksheets Coming Soon!

printable fraction worksheets

The printable fraction worksheets below will help students become fraction masters and have a great time while doing so! 

fun fraction worksheets and games

Putting Fun in Printable Fraction Worksheets

You'll find fractions for all grade levels.  And we'll be adding more soon, so check back often for new stuff! Contact us to let us know what kind of fraction worksheets you would like.

fraction circle worksheets

So for starters, take a look at this beginning level fraction fun sheet.  In this fraction activity, students will get to color fraction circles  with different colored pencils and name the fraction part of each color. Answer Key

All kids and adults for that matter, should experience the fun of magic squares! Here's our first fraction magic square worksheet we think your students will really enjoy.  Students need to use math thinking skills to be able to solve these fraction magic squares and build their skills adding fractions like and unlike denominators. 

Check out the printable sheets below.  I've listed the fraction skill for each worksheet.  Many more worksheets to come.

Fraction Addition Worksheets:

You might also like some of the free printable fraction games on the site that I've listed below.  You can also find more fraction games and resources on the main fractions game page.

Here's a few of our sample fraction games below:

Fraction Flip It: A fraction multiplying game.

Four Sums Fractions:  Adding and simplifying fractions with common denominators.

Fraction Fiasco: Adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators, simplifying fractions

Fraction Basketball: Understanding of fractions as parts of a whole

Many young people struggle with fractions.  It shouldn't be that way.  I will continue adding fraction resources to the site that will help kids become fraction masters!

Thanks for stopping by.

Greg, The Math Games Guy.

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