Fraction Games for Kids

Fraction games for kids give young people fun and creative ways to learn fractions! We have both online and off line fraction activities that kids will love!

  • Fraction Four: Try this printable fraction activity focusing on adding and simplifying fractions with common denominators.
  • Fraction Flip and Fraction Feud: Here are two more printable fraction games,"Fraction Flip" and "Fraction Feud". The first deals with Multiplying fractions and the second with Comparing fractions.
  • Fraction Basketball: Grab some old notebook paper and a waste basket and you're ready to play. Understanding of fractions as parts of a whole. 

Fraction Reflections

Here's a good video showing what young students have discovered about fractions during math class. Getting kids to talk about fractions is a great way to get them involved in the learning of fractions.

Getting kids engaged in learning math is a key ingredient to their success. What really stands out in the video, is how at ease the students are as they share something they have learned about fractions.

Here's a great video for students just starting to learn about fractions....

One of the reasons using fraction games is such a great idea is because kids are likely put off any fear of math they math have had in the past.

Do you have any favorite fraction activities that you would like to share with our visitors.

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Fractions Circle Race

Learn about equivalent fractions in this fun game! 

Fraction Number Line

Great game for helping kids get a visual of fractions on the fraction number line.