Equivalent Fraction Game

Equivalent fraction game that helps students in their understanding of how different fractional units relate to each other.  

Fraction Circle Race

What You Need:


  • Print a set of fraction circle pieces and a fraction circle for each player. 
  • Print the fractions cards.
  • Each player places their fraction circle in front of them on the table.
  • Shuffle the fraction cards and place them face down in the middle of the players.

How To Play:

  • To decide which player starts the game, have each player roll a dice. The player with the highest roll goes first.
  • Player 1 draws a fraction card from the face down pile and lays it face up next to the face down pile.  Player 1 looks through his or her fraction circle pieces to find a fraction that equals the card pulled or an equivalent fraction. If they have an equivalent fraction circle piece or pieces, they place it on an empty spot on their circle.  See the picture below.

The other player should be sure to check that they agree with what the other player did.

Example: Player 1 picks a 1/6 fraction card. They then look at their fraction pieces and can place either their 1/6 fraction circle piece on the circle as pictured below in the picture on the left.  Or they could place down two 1/12 pieces as pictured below on the right.

equivalent fraction game
equivalent fraction game
  • Player 2 takes their turn and proceeds in the same way as player 1. 
  • Players alternate turns.
  • After a player places down their first fraction circle piece, they have to be sure each of their following pieces placed down are placed right next to (touching) a piece already placed down.
  • If a player pulls a fraction card from the pile and does not have a fraction circle piece or pieces equivalent to that fraction, their turn ends and play goes to the other player.
  • Or if a player has an equivalent fraction piece or pieces, but there is not enough empty space to place the piece down on their fraction circle, their turn ends and play goes to the other player. See picture below.
equivalent fraction game
  • The first player to cover their fraction circle exactly without going over 1 whole circle wins the game! Below is a picture of a completed fraction circle.
equivalent fraction game

Need another Equivalent Fraction Game

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Also, you may want to check out this review on equivalent fractions review from one of my favorite math learning websites, Math Is Fun.

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