Visualize Fractions with the

Fraction Number Line

The Fraction Number Line is great for helping kids get a visual of fractions.

On this page you'll find:

  • Fraction Number Line Concentration Game.  
  • Links to other fraction activities in the right-hand column. Also you can go to the main fraction games page.
  • Several printable number lines to get students familiar with the most common fractions encountered in school.

Scroll down toward bottom of the page to print number line worksheets.

Fraction Number Line Concentration

Skill: Visualizing fractions on the number line

Number of players: 2

What you need: game cards

Preparation: Print off game cards

Object of the Game: Be the player with the most fraction pairs at end of the game.

How to Play: 

  • Choose a player to give the cards a good shuffle and then deal the cards face down in equal rows in the middle of the players.
  • The first player turns over any two cards one at at time, trying to match a fraction card with a number line card of the same value.   If the two cards are a match (as pictured below), the player picks up the cards and puts them in their discard pile next to them.
  • If Player 1 turns over a matching pair of cards, their turn continues repeats the process by turning over two more cards. 
  • The player's turn ends when the two flipped cards are not a match.
  • Player two follows the same procedure.
  • The game is over after all the cards have been picked up and placed in the players' discard piles.
  • Each player counts the number of cards in their discard pile. 
  • The winner is the player with the most cards!

More Fraction Number Activities

Ordering Fraction Activity: Online  Drag and Drop the fractions to their correct positions.  Click next when done to go to new number line.

Printable Number Lines

You can print the number lines off below and use them in the classroom or at home. This is a great hands-on way to help students experiment and visualize fractions.

Skills: Equivalent fractions , Reducing fractions...

twelfths, sixths, fourths,

thirds, halves

twentieths, tenths,

fifths, halves

thirty-seconds, sixteenths, eights, fourths, halves

We will be adding some more and please let me know if there are any particular fractions you would like me to add to the worksheets.

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More Fraction Activites

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