Fraction Puzzles

Fractions can be a nightmare for students!  Fraction Puzzles help ease the fear of fractions by introducing fun into the "fraction learning" equation!

Fraction Path Puzzles

Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators is a concept students need to know well.  Students will enjoy completing Fraction Path Puzzles as they learn to master this concept and use their reasoning skills at the same time. 

fraction puzzles

Fraction Path Puzzle 1

(Solution to be added soon)

Shaded Fraction Shape Puzzles

        (Solution be added soon)

The triangle to the right is made up of smaller triangles.  Shade five-ninths of the triangle so the unshaded part is still a triangle. 

Triangle fraction puzzle

As you can see, the square to the right is made up of four smaller squares. See if you can shade one -half of the figure so that the unshaded part is also a square. 

More Fraction Puzzles

Your might also enjoy this fraction puzzle page that has some more really cool fraction-based puzzles that will get the kids engaged!

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