Math Addition Puzzles

Who said learning math can't be exciting?  Tried any math addition puzzles lately?   Kids have a natural desire to learn new things - especially when they're having fun.  So if you are a parent or teacher, math puzzles are a great tool for helping kids learn.

We just added the Solutions to the puzzles on this page!

addition crossword

Addition Crossword Puzzles - set 1: Here are four addition crosswords that you can print off.  They are in pdf format, so you will need to download adobe acrobat if you don't have it.  You can print off the solutions here.

You can find other printable addition games and puzzles by visiting the main math puzzles page or going over to the addition games page.  We continue to add math puzzles so be sure to check back often.

addition crossword puzzle

Addition Crossword Puzzle - set 2. In this set, the missing numbers are in different places than before.  Print them off and see if the kiddos can solve them. Get solutions for set 2 here.

The type of puzzles that are on this page are good for helping kids get a good feel the addition of one and two digit numbers.

Magic Addition Circles

We think your kids we'll like this addition puzzle - we call them: "Magic Addition Circles", and they'll get your students engages as they memorize those addition facts, and we've got some higher level puzzles for the older kids...

magic addition circle pic 1

Magic Addition Circles

Have your kids tried these fun magic addition circles?

We'll be adding more puzzles like these soon so be sure to check back soon.

You'll probably also enjoy some of the addition games that can be played in the classroom or at home. Here's one called Fishin' for Addition that helps kids practice their addition facts.

Ok, so if you want to step it up a notch, with some two digit addition and about giving Adder-Ladders a try!

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Addition Crossword

Here's some addition crosswords for your students to enjoy!

Magic Squares

Kids will love practicing addition with these Magic Squares

Magic Circles

Arrange the odd numbers, 9 to 25, in the Magic Circle so the Sum of the numbers in each straight line is the same.