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So if you're trying to get a student to appreciate how fun and cool math is, try some card math games plus a bunch of other fun math stuff on this site.  They won't think of math the same way again!

20 Sum Addition

Skills: Addition

Grade Level: 2nd - 4th

Materials: Deck of playing cards

How To Play:

  1. Choose a player to shuffle the deck and deal five cards to each player.  Set the remaining cards face down in the middle of the table
  2. Players take turns.  Let the dealer go first.  On each turn, players look for two or more cards that will add up to a sum of 20.  (The other players should check to make sure the cards add to 20.)
  1. After placing the cards aside, they pick up cards from the face down pile to replace the number of cards they placed down.
  2. If a player does not find two or mare cards that add to 20, they draw one card from the face down deck and place it face up next to their other face up cards.  Their turn then ends until the next round.
  3. Player take turns in the same way.
  4. The game ends when all of the cards in the face down pile are used up and players cannot find two or more cards that add to 20.
  5. To see who the winner is, each player counts the number of cards that are in their 20-sum pile, then subtract the number of cards they still have in their face up row.

Variations: You can use different sums instead of 20 and tailor the game to the level of the student.

Have Fun!!!

"Greg The Math Games Guy"

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